🟫Create Collection

The collection is the third-level unit in Glacier.

A collection is like a table, and creating a Collection requires specifying the Dataset it belongs to. You need to name and customize the Collection first.


  • Name your Collection.

  • Each field is like a column in a table, and you can add several fields according to your needs.

Field Name & Field Type are mandatory fields, while Title & Description are optional ones.

  • Field Type includes String, Number, and Boolean. The string is any series of characters; the Number is a set of math characters; the Boolean is a binary variable, having two possible values, β€œtrue” and β€œfalse.”

  • By checking the "square" on the right, you can choose to decide if this field is a must to be filled.

  • Description: This is to provide the description of each field.

  • Advanced settings include Max length, Min Length, and Pattern. The Pattern (for developers) specifies a regular expression, which is a constraint on data input.

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