⚙️ Rollup Sequencer

Rollup sequencer processes transactions, produces rollup blocks, and submits rollup proofs to the Layer1 chain and submits rollup data blocks to data availability layer. To prevent negative effects such as transaction censorship and downtime caused by centralized sequencer, the rollup of the DB Shard and DB Meta Registry use a validation network consisting of a single leader and multiple validators to ensure the reliability of the sequencer.

A sequencer validation network consists of multiple sequencer nodes, each of which is independent and has the same copy of data. Among them, the sequencer node (leader) is responsible for receiving transaction traffic, and other sequencer nodes (validator) are responsible for data validation and replicas. If a new sequencer node needs to participate in the validation network, it needs to stake a certain amount of $GLC. If the leader is down due to certain circumstances or there is a problem with the block generation, the leader will be punished, and the entire validation network will reselect a new leader to resume work.

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