2️⃣GlacierAI - Decentralized VectorDB

VectorDB + Web3 = GlacierAI

GlacierAI is a decentralized vector database built on top of decentralized storages, seamlessly integrated into the AI ecosystem.

- Scalable Vector Management

Glacier Vector seamlessly expands to meet the growing demands of AI applications, capable of storing and managing vector data with efficiency.

- LLM Framework Compatible

Tailored database solution optimized for seamless integration with Large Language Model (LLM) frameworks, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval of complex vector data.

- Distributed Pipeline Automation

Utilizing blockchain-driven distributed network, DeVector ensures secure, independent and resilient operations for AI pipeline automation.

- Composability and Modularity

The modular design, empowered by L2 rollup, enables seamless integration across diverse ecosystems, unleashing the potential of AI and Web3.

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