Project Overview

Glacier Network - Programmable Data Composability for Trustless Data Primitives

🧊 Technical Details

- Modularization & Decentralization Secured by L2 ZK-rollup
- Each row in a collection is a dynamic NFT
- Fully support MongoDB-like NoSQL and CRUD
- Data curation & incentives in Stablecoin & Tokens
- Apply ZK proofs to verify queries in the cache
- Integrate encryption protocols for access control of columns
- Develop web3 Dapps like web2 seamlessly with ultra-low cost

🧊 Key Features

- Composable, modular & scalable NoSQL Structure
The core of Glacier Network is a composable, modular and scalable NoSQL database—GlacierDB. It is built for resilience, immutability, interoperability, and the highest levels of data privacy and security in Web3.
- Large-scale On-chain Adoption with L2 Rollup
Glacier powers massive amounts of data in production and fully mines the on-chain data to provide better data services to users. Modularization and decentralization is secured by zk-rollup.
- Built On the Top of Permanent Storage
Glacier applies IPFS, Arweave and BNB Greenfield to store, share, and host datasets at scale to make the storage and query fully secure.
- Mint & Build Your Own Datasets in One Minute
With Glacier, developers can securely mint and build their own database in a permissionless way that enables Web3 devs to utilize data easily and effortlessly with ultra low cost.
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