Key Features

To better solve the structure data storage problems of Web3, Glacier will be developed as a NoSQL database protocol for Web3 developers with the following innovative features:
🧊 Scalability: In order to match the database needs of Web3 developers, the number of Glacier storage nodes can be expanded indefinitely, and the storage capacity of each node can also be flexibly changed.
🧊 Security: The stored data is divided into fragments and allocated in multiple Glacier nodes without knowing the service providers or seeking the trust of the third parties. The data encryption process is not limited to the end-users and software, but also occurs in all links of the storage networks by methods such as zero-knowledge proof and private network keys access.
🧊 Decentralization: No single point of control. No single point of failure. Glacier will give the Web3 developers fully decentralized control via Glacier’s storage nodes network and the Glacier Event Sourcing Storage Consensus.
🧊 Interoperability: Glacier could give full interoperability to the Web3 data which are structurally stored through Glacier Database Engine, and make the Web3 data easily queried, transferred and interoperated.
🧊 Immutability: More than just tamper-resistant. Once stored, data can’t be changed or deleted.
🧊 High Query Reliability: Write and run any Glacier Database query to search the contents of all stored transactions, assets, metadata and blocks on the Glacier network.
🧊 Low cost: Glacier will provide the blockchain database services at a low cost for Web3 developers.